Abandonware: Searchy

Hey, guess what? I’ve got nothing at all going on today, I’m working on a small project to be announced in the next one or two days, and I haven’t yet managed to finish the first book I intend to review this summer. You guys know what that means: another abandonware posting! Yes, that’s right! You all get another opensource Visual Basic program that I wrote in high school, and don’t plan to update anymore. Today, it’s Searchy. Searchy is a small program that allows you to perform quick searches by typing in the string, and selecting the website to search. This was a lot more useful when I wrote it, before we got the new Firefox address bar. This also means I get to see if macjournal can correctly upload files to my WordPress install. If you can see and download searchy, then it passes the test. If not, than it’s a failure, and I need to fix something.

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  4. Where is download link for Searchy?

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