Abandonware: JFW Hangman 2.0

If Sean can post all of his abandoned software projects, why can’t I? Anyway, I’m out of entry topics for the moment; I’ve been busy all day, and I just don’t have a darn thing I want to write about.

Thus, have a copy of JFW Hangman. It comes complete with multiple word lists, documentation, and Microsoft Visual Basic 6 source code. What it does not come with, because I lost it, is an installer. You’re going to have to register, if memory serves me, two DLLs before it’ll agree to run. However, to make up for that lack, the program comes with at least three bugs, that I’m aware of. What a bonus! Oh, wait…

It’s abandonware. I don’t even have a copy of VB6 anymore. So even if I wanted to improve it, or fix bugs (and I don’t), I couldn’t.

Beware: I have several other unsupported software projects. Unless I find something more interesting to write about by tomorrow, I’ll post another one.

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