What On Earth

I’ve been doing some local spring cleaning, in an effort to get my vast collection of personal files in some sort of order. Thus far, I haven’t gotten anywhere; but it’s better to support a hopeless cause and lose with nobility, than not to make a stand at all. Anyway, I was looking through one of my extremely old notes files. I’d use these note files before the advent of accessible online calendars and personal information managers, in order to keep track of facts, dates, to-dos, etc. One of these files, from somewhere around 2003, contained the line: “finish code for our.slave.ca.” Now I _need_ to know! What was our.slave.ca? What was I coding for it? Was I working for someone else, or did I control our.slave.ca? Today, our.slave.ca seems to be owned by some sort of evil spammer. But what was it, back then? I remember that I used to have fix.mine.nu in order to access our internal network. But what did I have planned for our.slave.ca? If anyone has any information about this, feel free to let me know.

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