Data will be handled even with the aid of electronic calculators

This page has what must be the best privacy information ever:

Your data is necessary for the sole purpose of software activation, customer service and communications regarding SiSystem’s software. Data will be handled even with the aid of electronic calculators. Data will be stored in our facilities and communicated solely to competent parties involved with conducting the necessary services described above. In no case shall the information be communicated or diffused to third parties for commercial purposes.

Impressive! I’m glad to know that this technology company, selling what they say is state of the art OCR software, will be able to handle my credit card data “even with the aid of electronic calculators.” Uh, what? Well, at least the guys with the calculators say they’re competent. I’d hate for them to miscalculate something. If they did, my information could be diffused. Hey, what’s that smell? Is something on fire, or is it just someone’s information getting diffused to third parties again?

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