First DVS Porgramming in Itunes 8

The WGBH has just released the first DVS programming into the itunes store, and it can be downloaded for free, ready for use on your computer, or your shiny new talking IPod Nano. To quickly find the two part program in question, a biography of President Roosevelt, do the following:

  1. open itunes
  2. under store on the menu bar, click search.
  3. interact with the itunes store, and instead of all, select Itunes U in the popup.
  4. In the title box, enter DVS.
  5. Stop interacting with the store, and go to the songs table.
  6. Press voiceover m on each of the two parts of the program, and select get selected.
  7. Wait for your programs to finish downloading; you can see the download progress in the downloads library playlist.
  8. When your downloads have finished, they will show up under the movies playlist in your library.
  9. Play the movie like you would any normal movie; no need to do anything special to get the DVS audio.


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