Reflections on Dessert

The following was written in four minutes, for an assignment. Considering that time limit, it’s not too bad.

If I had to decide on my favourite dessert, I’d have a hard time doing it. I love dessert. Well, perhaps that’s not accurate. I _like_ dessert a lot. I’m not about to run away with dessert to a tropical island and have dessert’s children. But still: I do rather enjoy my dessert.

I think I’m especially aware of just how much I really do enjoy dessert was when I had to go without it for a year. Do to some serious stomach problems I was suffering from, I was forced to move to an extremely restrictive and specialized diet. I couldn’t have any starches, wheat, or sugars. That makes it rather hard to have any meal at all, let alone desert. Mostly, I had to eat unprocessed meat, and vegetables with no sauces at all.

Now, however, I’m off that restricted diet. Having been on it for a year, and only off it for six months, the idea of deciding on my favourite dessert, out of all the options I haven’t had any opportunity to try in so long, fills me with a kind of dread. If I pick a single favourite, will I get stuck with that dessert for the rest of my life? I mean, ice-cream is good. But would I want all ice-cream and no cake? I don’t think so! Anyway, ice-cream has one other, huge problem: flavor. Chocolate? strawberry? Rocky road? Mixed? I couldn’t decide if my life depended on it.

Cake has a similar problem: what kind? Plain? Chocolate? cheese? fruit? Well, not fruitcake. I can state, with a tremendous amount of surety, that fruitcake is absolutely not my favourite dessert!

And that, it would seem, offers a path out of my difficulty. If I can decide what desserts aren’t my favourite, according to theory, whatever’s left would be my favourite dessert.

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