Blind Gamers Chess Challenge

Another new game for the blind gamers of the world. Finally, a self voicing chess game to replace the now extremely old Winboard for JFW. This is Windows software; if you’re on OS X, you already have a perfectly accessible chess game.

You can read all about the new game by visiting the blind gamers page at:

BG Chess Challenge runs in three different modes: Blind accessible, Vision impaired and Sighted, so it is suitable for all levels of visual acuity. It is also suitable for beginners as well as experienced chess players. A separate Word document explains how to play chess, if you have never played before or need to brush up on the rules and you can set the computer player’s skill level anywhere between Novice and Expert, so that you can be ensured of a challenging game regardless of your own skill level. In blind mode, graphics are still provided so that sighted spouses can play along with their blind partners. As with all Spoonbill Software’s accessible games, it is completely self voicing. You will only need your screen reader to read the on-line help, or the separate How To Play Chess document.

BG Chess Challenge is the fourteenth game in the Blind Gamers series of accessible games and is free for the asking.

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