Humanware VRStream Birthday Party

The following email comes from HumanWare, makers of the Victor Stream. I’m passing it on for those who own one and might be interested. My Victor is, along with my mac, one of the best devices I’ve ever purchased. I wouldn’t be without it for the world.

Dear Victor Reader Stream Friends:

The Stream began shipping in September 2007 so Stream is now officially 1 year old! Since all of you represent the most important part of the Stream’s success, we want to celebrate with you by having a Stream birthday party. The party will be online in HumanWare’s Talking Communities room. It will begin at 5pm (10pm UTC) on Saturday September 27 and last for 2 to 3 hours.

Like any birthday party there will be birthday cake in the form of prizes. But also like any party, you must be in attendance to win! You can meet and ask questions to behind the scenes people at HumanWare including the Stream product manager, the Stream software development  team leader, tech support team members and others. . We will also have guests you can meet from HumanWare partner companies. And our partners will bring prizes as well! All you need to participate is your computer. If you have a microphone then you can also ask questions and make comments online. It’s a party where we want you to have fun, get to know us and our partners better, and exchange comments with each other.

If you wish to be eligible for party prizes we need you to rsvp to us no later than end of day Thursday September 25. It is from this list of confirmed attendees that we will draw for prize winners. To add your name to the list please complete the simple form at:

Once you rsvp don’t forget to mark your calendar. You need to join us online during the party to win!

On September 27 at 5pm Eastern in North America or 10pm UTC please join the party by going to:

There you will see a download button and a link to enter the conference room. If you have never used the Talking Communities conferencing system, you will first need to select the download button to install a small, safe Talking Communities client program on your computer. Then you can select the link to enter the room. Upon entry to the room you will be prompted to enter a username and password. Just type your first and last name in the username box and leave the password field empty. Then select the login button. You will hear a small sound confirming you have entered the room. The status line at the bottom of the screen will tell you how many people are in the room and you can press F7 to read the list of names.

So, please use the first link in this email now to rsvp and then mark your calendar for September 27. We look forward to celebrating Stream’s first birthday with all of you!

The HumanWare Team

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