I'm famous!

A search for “fastfinge” on google returns 48,800 results. Based on wikipedia’s article guidelines, I’m notable enough to deserve my very own article in wikipedia! If we want to follow the rules, I can’t write my own; does someone want to write one about me? Then it can be marked for deletion, and we can all spend the next four days arguing about if it should be kept or not. Then someone can edit the article to say I am a drag queen living in Charlston who was arrested 79 times for shoplifting. Then all the websites that mirror wikipedia data (like answers.com) will have the database dump and spread this important information about me all over the world! woot woot!

No, seriously. 48,800 results. That’s…slightly alarming. I bet you don’t have 48,800 results about you, do you? Huh? I thought not, punk. But only 900 on Yahoo! search. That’s a much more reasonable number when you consider how important I really am in the grand scheme of things. Why yes, this article *is* in fact just another excuse for me to attack google for something. You *can* have too much data, you know.

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