Google Hates Open Source

Google, in it’s continued attempts to attack, undermine, and exploit the open source community on behalf of its corporate minions has launched a vicious and unreasonable attack on yet another open source project. The latest victom of the Google Terror State: Gaia, a project to create a 3d, open source method for accessing the data from Google Earth and Google Local. They have forced the project to remove all source code and downloads, and require that anyone who has downloaded the project in the past delete it. The excuse they give for these unreasonable actions is that the open source API makes “improper use of data”. This is sort of funny, as google offers a closed source API that does exactly the same thing. The only reason I can see for this that makes any sense is that they want to ensure all data users must install google spyware (in the form of toolbars and other crud). Google has been on a major kick to get this spyware on as many computers as they can, going so far as to auto-install the google toolbar when users plug in several brands of popular USB sticks and drives. Google has also given major funding to the mozilla foundation; in return, firefox 2.0 supplies search data to google (and the user can’t turn this off without hacking in advanced preffs), reports every URL you visit to google (“phishing protection”), makes google the default search engine (this is more difficult to change in firefox, now, than Internet Explorer!), and sets the home page of all new firefox installs to a website with a google search box. You might as well rename firefox GoogleFox; the only reason google continues to allow firefox to survive as open source is because it allows them to exploit the free work provided by open source coders. Google also depends on this exploitation in the google data centers; they run linux and apache, do not contribute anything to those projects, and hardly ever release any useful code to the community. As far as google is concerned, all of the data in the world (including private data like your browsing history, all the files on your computer, and your email and IM conversations) belongs to them, and them only. Any user that wants privacy, or free use of information, are in violation of google’s obviously God given right to know everything about everything, and must be attacked as the vile scum they are.

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