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I got asked to do up a quick article on where to get audio games by dwv for the newsletter they put out. It contains introductions to a couple games and links that anyone who’s reading this journal already knows about. It was also written in 15 minutes. However, I might as well post it; a google searcher might find a use for it. Then they might subscribe to my lj. Readers are good.

Audio Games: Gaming for the rest of us

Computer games have, for those of us with little to know sight, been infamous as things that we can’t get access to play; The fast action, and amazing graphics of modern computer hardware are completely closed off to the world of screen readers. Try reading reviews at ZehnGames about these world’s largest poker gaming site. However, computers are also opening up an entirely knew world: audio games. These games, instead of having pictures on screen, are entirely based on audio feedback. If you’ve got headphones and a computer, you’ve got all you need to start audio gaming. Best of all, for a casual introduction to the field, you don’t even need to spend any money!


Topspeed2 is currently the most advanced audio racing game available. Pick your car, pick your shift (manual vs. automatic…that’s another entire article), pick the track you want to race on, and play against either the computer, or other players over the internet! You’ll hear your car engine in your headphones; make sure to keep it in the center! Too far to one side, and you’ll crash into the wall on a sharp corner; if you’re really not careful, you could just drive straight into the wall on a straightaway (I’m speaking from hard experience, hear). When you get really good, you can enjoy the fun of crashing into your friends cars when you’re playing them over the internet, and forcing them off the track! Even more advanced players can create entirely new tracks and vehicles.

Tip: the car you pick has drastic effects on how sharply you can turn before spinning wildly out of control, how fast you can travel, and several other variables.

You can download Topspeed2 completely free at the following web address:

Maze Craze

Do you like mazes? I’ll tell you a secret: I think mazes are, to date, the worst creation ever to come out of human society. However, this is biased by the fact that I can never quite, you know, complete them. When presented with a maze, real or virtual, I’m always lost within about four moves. However, if you don’t suffer from my problem, you’re probably going to enjoy the game Maze Craze. It comes with 11 playable mazes, and an editor to let you create your own devices of torture, I mean mazes, and share them with your former friends. You can download it freely at:


Supershot is an extremely simple game, good for those times in your life when you’ve got five or six minutes to kill, but don’t want to get involved in a more complicated game. It can best be described as target practice: sounds come at you from the left, center, or right. Depending on where the sound is, you have to hit a particular key to deal with it. As the game continues, the sounds go faster and faster. On harder levels of play, you won’t be given multiple chances to hit a sound, and you’ll need to reload. That’s it; those are the rules. Honestly, it’s harder than it sounds. It’s the sort of game that will kill a few extra minutes, and that you can stop at any time when the rest of your life resumes. You can get it at:
That’s the direct link to download, because the game doesn’t even have a web page.

Jim Kitchen’s Games

A man named Jim Kitchen has been writing free audiogames for many, many years now. His games are much too numerous to go over in detail. However, they include: Life, Hangman, Baseball, Mule, Trivia, Snakes and Ladders, concentration, master mind, casino (not for real money, you need to go to sites like for that obviously, his set includes blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, and slots), Trucker, Yahtzee, Monopoly (with 72 different boards!), Skunk, NFL Football, battleship, Golf (with over 180 different courses!), mach1, pong, bopit, and more! This man is the all time world champion of audio games. He wrote every single one of those games himself, and some others not mentioned here, and gives them all away for free! Each one of his games is at the top, or near the top, of it’s class in quality and excellence. To be entertained for months, check out his website at:

Even More Games!

The games I’ve mentioned are just a quick introduction to the vibrant, evolving industry of Audio Games. To find a large list of over 200 free and commercial audio games that you can download and try, go to:
The website includes games, cheats, reviews, and a forum for when you’re completely stuck on one game or another. Just because you can’t properly see the screen doesn’t mean you can’t waste all of your free time playing computer games. Also, if audio isn’t your thing, check out:
to get introduced to the hours you can spend playing text based adventure games.

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