the music industry has gone insane

I was listening to my vast music collection today at random in the background (as per usual), and came across a track by someone called Emma Roberts, off of an album called Unfabulous. I didn’t check the title, and It started off as the usual sort of sappy “why don’t you love me?” style love song. Then, all of the sudden, the following lyrics came out of her:

Sometimes I wish that I was a wrestler, a Mexican wrestler

In a red vinyl mask. And I might grab you and body slam you

And maybe cause physical harm.

When we would land, I might take pity on you;

I could crack all your ribs, but I can’t break your heart.

…Huh? Is this supposed to be a serious song? If so, those are really, really unfortunate images. I looked at the rest of the album after that, and it doesn’t look at all ironic to me, not even in the obscure style of Daphne and Celeste. Wah? Has the teenpop scene finally entirely lost its collective mind?

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