voice post numbers (with important corrections and new cities!)

Don’t want to copy down those numbers? Okay, here they are. Please note that the Winnipeg number I read out was, in fact, incorrect; I missed the 2 at the beginning. The number listed here has been corrected. Also, several new cities have been added. So: the number you dial on your regular phone (depending on where you live):

  • Toronto 416-548-4739
  • Calgary 403-775-2208
  • Edmonton 780-628-3504
  • Halifax 902-482-3738
  • Kitchener 519-957-1904
  • Ottawa 613-686-1602
  • Quebec City 418-948-3307
  • Vancouver 604-628-4266
  • Winnipeg 204-480-4085

Once connected to that, dial: 17476267097 to connect with lj.
Remember! You’re not calling from your authorized phone number. You must enter it.

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