Christmas Letter 2016

Written mostly by Sam:

Christmas Letter 2016


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3 Responses to Christmas Letter 2016

  1. Rita Brown says:

    I enjoy your Christmas Letter and wish you Happy New Years and lots of fun during Christmas time
    I had a good years Working with my Footcare and had my knee replacement Sept08 I’m having my other knee done in April Seeing the surgeon Feb 16 to sign the paper I have to go to Winkler 3 hours drive In Winnipeg I will have to wait one years
    My knee I had surgery is getting better everyday but it may hurt up to six months I’m not looking for the other surgery it is so so painful Claudette will come to help me
    The good thing I lost 10 pounds from my surgery
    Merry Christmas Rita

  2. Nicole says:

    It is always fun to read your Christmas letter, please don’t stop. We had a good year also keeping busy at Club Action and the Town Council, and the grandchildren of course. It would be fun to attend Cathie’s birthday party but I will be returning to Toronto from Mexico on that day, after a holiday with my sisters.
    Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas blessed with family and friends.

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