Accessible Second Life

Wonderful: just what I need. Another virtual world to suck up hours and hours of my time. Apparently, a group of folks has created scripts to make second life accessible to blind users. Interestingly, this happened in august, yet it completely failed to draw the attention of audio games, blind access journal, or anyone else. Information thanks to a poster on Audyssey.

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  7. Great common sense here. Wish I’d thought of that.

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  17. Thank you for the simple directions that I forgot long ago.Also, how do we know when to use commas with word descriptions of time? In some writings I see commas setting them off and in others they are not there. Thanks for help on this.

  18. "I've got to say–if even half the stuff you guys talk about here is true–I'm really really glad we didn't have slaves in Canada."Is that the only reason you're glad your country didn't have slaves?

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